Wednesday, November 25, 2009

written artwork

Even though I am currently in the act of writing at this very moment, I would never consider myself a writer. It was something I was always able to do well enough at in school, but never really excelled at. Sentence structure, grammar, thesis....I could do all that. But it was that tiny little spark that was missing. Something....artistic.

I truly find the written word to be an amazing arena for art. My new obsession is reading novels for pleasure. Novels astound me. They are so clever. How someone can think of the beginning, middle and end just baffles me. Especially when it is a surprising plot! How do you come up with those ideas and then tie them all together seamlessly? So creative.

Pretty much anything that is a story is of interest to me. Fact or fiction, modern or classic. I enjoy them all. However, I have had a singular focus for several months now. Throughout my college and post collegiate days, I have been somewhat frustrated with my lack of classic literature knowledge. I find myself a little behind in some conversations and never fully understood why. So I started asking people when they read these books. Many were in high school, and a surprising amount were from early childhood. This just wasn't going to work. I needed to be in the club.

Hello internet. 100 classic books to read before you die. I went through several lists and copied down the ones I had heard of, but never read. There were 44. So I typed them up, printed them out, and stuck them in my wallet. Oh, and I might have laminated it too. So cool.

I now get two books at a time from the library. They are slowly read on my trips to and from work. If they are really good, I read them at night before bed too. It's amazing! I love them. There's a reason people say you should read these, you know. I just got two more at the library a couple days ago. Robinson Crusoe and All Quiet on the Western Front. So excited for the latter because I vividly remember my 9th grade social studies teacher reading an excerpt during class and being completely engrossed. I can still picture the scene in my head.

One of my favorite forms of art. Pocket size. Good for home or travel.


  1. B.,
    can I send you a photocopied excerpt of something that has been on my brain since I found it at Kinkos in NY?
    Send me your snail mail address if you want.


  2. I used to read all the time. I have not sat and read a novel for a long time. I too did the 2 books from the library.

    I am following you and will be sending a convo to you shortly.


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