Saturday, February 5, 2011

colorful nudes on black

I'm so excited at how my last painting experiment went, I can't even talk.  I'll just show you.  

I really want to get some thicker paper for these next time, but I just can't get over how simple and lovely they are.  I hope other people like them as much as me!  Oh, and this was my first time signing my entire signature with watercolors.  Not bad!

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  1. How lovely, I like that you did a series like this.

    Cheers, Alcira

  2. these are lovely! I love them on the black :)

  3. Beautiful work, Bethany! Have you ever thought about doing a nude painting of a male model?

  4. very pretty, i like nudes for some reason, haha :)

  5. wow they look nice!! too bad I don't have a nice spot in my house free ....


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