Monday, April 11, 2011

my last european home

For the past three weeks (maybe longer) I have been extremely out of touch with the world.  I first took a two week jaunt with some family across western Europe from Paris to Brussels to Amsterdam (and a few places in between).  That was very fun and very exhausting!  When I returned home to Nijmegen, I had exactly 48 hours to pack up all our belongings once again to prepare for our move to Italy.

A 16 hour van ride later....we arrived at our new home in Padova, Italy.  For the past week we have been running around like crazy to get settled in.  We bought some used bikes, procured cell phones, paid our rent, and are now ready to enjoy the sun!  Yesterday it was 82 degrees. 

I cannot wait to show you more of this beautiful city, but here are a few shots to tide you over :)

Beautiful cemetery sculpture across the street from our flat

Chapel at the cemetery, so vivid

The largest square in Europe, and Sant Guistina cathedral in the background

Galileo himself lived in Padova - this is an old astronomical observatory tower for him

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  1. How lovely,

    Savor this time in your life, it is so unique, so special.
    Years from now as you go about your day engrossed in mundane chores, your memories of these experiences will get your through the nitty-gritty.
    Trust me, Nero knows these things.
    My times spent living and discovering and loving in other places still inform my days and happily haunt my dreams.
    Benvenuta in Italia, Alcira

  2. Intense. I always imagine Italy to be awe-inspiring and dumbfounding.

  3. wow it's looking amazing so far, i cant' wait to see more pics!

  4. Italy! Oh, you lucky person! Surrounded by all that art and architecture and beauty!

  5. I always keep smiling when I read your blog. As you come at places I have never been before although I live in Europe :)

    I hope you will like Italy too and when you will get home in the USa you can look back on a wonderfull time here in Europe

  6. wow, what a whirlwind!! wishing you guys the best of times and many amazing memories as you are on the last leg of this adventure...i can't believe it!

  7. I was lucky enough to visit this beautiful part of Italy last year and I'm sure you will find it just as spectacular as I did.



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